From a Snowflake to an Iceberg – The McFerrin Collection

In the book “From a Snowflake to an Iceberg – The McFerrin Collection”, we wrote the 10 page section on “Workmaster Feodor Rückert” starting on page 274.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Texas showcases over 500 jeweled treasures from the world-renowned McFerrin Collection, Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision.  The exhibition includes Fabergé jewels and decorative objects from one of the world’s foremost privately owned Fabergé collections.  The exhibition presents an historical overview of the works of the House of Fabergé, as well as the remarkable Russian history relating to the objects on display. Dozens of personal treasures of the Romanov Family including Imperial pieces owned by Tsar Nicholas II, Tsar Alexander III and their families are featured.  This is an excellent opportunity to see this collection of masterworks firsthand.

Museum’s website:

You can purchase “from a snowflake to an iceberg – The Mcferrin Collection” through the museum’s website here:

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