Fabergé > A Fabergé green guilloché enamel and silver gilt case with leather slipcover

A Fabergé silver gilt and guilloché enamel cigarette case with leather slipcover, workmaster August Hollming, Saint Petersburg, 1899-1904, with original Fabergé scratched inventory number 7917 . Enameled translucent green over a sunburst engine-turned ground, the silver gilt mounts chased with a band of fine dots, contained in a shaped silk-lined grey leather slipcase, the gilded interior with an engraved monogram (Cyrillic KG or Latin KT) and 03. Struck with workmaster’s initials, Fabergé in Cyrillic, 88 standard, and scratched inventory number, also with a finely scratched, indistinct number. Dimensions (including leather slipcase): 3 1/4 x 1 7/8 in. (8.4 x 5 cm).

Price: $14,500

Item#: 1706-019

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