Other Treasures > A large Russian jeweled lacquer Easter egg with scenes of the Risen Christ, 1913

A large jeweled Russian lacquer Easter egg with scenes of the Risen Christ, 1913. The front finely painted with a view of the Transfiguration of Christ, his robes and rays of divine light surrounding him extensively highlighted with chrysography, shown within a mandorla floating above a rocky ground, the oval scene reserved against a red ground, the opposite with a similarly painted image of St. Mary Magdalene, holding the gilt cup of spaces with which she intended to anoint Christ’s body, with the Risen Christ (Mark 16: 1-10 and John 20: 1-18), the city of Jerusalem visible in the background, signed in Cyrillic on one side in black by the painter (the name only partially visible as ____anov) and dated 1913, set at top and bottom with star-shaped gilt metal mounts with collet-set precious and semi-precious stones, including ruby, amethyst, opal, and chrysoprase, the lower mount with a large pale green berylite suspended, the upper mount with suspension ring. Height (including mounts) 7 in. (18 cm). Egg alone: 6 ¼ in. (16.3 cm).

Price: $4,850

Item#: 1801-009

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