Fabergé > A rare Fabergé ladies ring with sapphires and diamonds

A rare Fabergé sapphire, diamond, and gold ring, Moscow, 1908-1917. The plaque centered with a princess cut sapphire within a sunburst pattern of gold applied with diamond-set lilies-of-the-valley at the corners, all within a border of calibre cut sapphires. Contained in original Fabergé fitted case of holly wood with silk- and velvet-lined interior. Ring size 6.

Very few of Fabergé’s ladies jeweled rings have survived. A handful of Imperial presentation rings for men have been preserved, usually because they were carried by their owners into exile. Ladies jewelry was confiscated and the stones removed for sale abroad. A ring in the popular sapphire and diamond combination of the era together with the original fitted box is extraordinarily rare. Two rings from Fabergé’s Moscow workshops, albeit without their boxes, were discovered hidden in a sweets tin in a Moscow building being demolished in 1990. It was later established that Yakov Averkiev, a director of the firm’s Moscow branch, had lived in the building until his arrest. He undoubtedly hid the rings and a number of other objects, but was never able to return for them. The entire “buried treasure” is now in the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. For these two surviving rings, see T. Muntian, Faberzhe. Velikie iuveliry Rossii, Moscow, 2000, nos. 73 and 74, pp. 98-99.

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Item#: 1610-014

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