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A Russian pearl-set gold horseshoe brooch, St. Petersburg, before 1880. The brooch constructed as two arches with fine net between, the front set with seed pearls, contained in a fitted box of St. Petersburg jeweler and luxury retailer Nicholls & Plincke. Struck on pin and catch with indistinct maker’s marks and 56 gold standard. 1 ¼ in. h x 1 in. w. (3.5 x 2.5 cm).

The Magasin Anglais founded by Charles Nicholls and William Plincke was the most fashionable shop in which to purchase luxuries in St. Petersburg and was one of the primary suppliers of table silver to the Imperial court from the 1830s to 1880. The store was located on Nevsky Prospect no. 16 at the corner of Bolshaya Morskaya Street, later home to Fabergé and other Imperial court jewelers.

Price: $2,250

Item#: 1807-004

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