Enamel > An extraordinary shaded cloisonné enamel case with rusalki by Moscow’s 11th Artel

A rare and unusual Russian gilded silver and shaded cloisonné enamel cigarette case, 11th Artel, Moscow, circa 1908-1917. In Russian Art Nouveau taste, both sides enameled with stylized rusalki recalling the exuberant costume designs for the Ballets Russes, on a forest green ground with applied cloisons in imitation of a web studded with stylized flowers in peach, the border enameled with colorful lappets, with pale green cabochon hardstone pushpiece. 4 x 3 1/8 in. (8 x 10.3 cm).

A rusalka is a female water nymph in Slavic mythology. Although they were traditionally understood as having legs rather than fins and living in fresh water rivers or lakes, by the early twentieth century they were increasingly fused with mermaids, which feature in folklore around the world.   

Price: $18,500

Item#: 1611-008

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