Fabergé > Fabergé jeweled gold Imperial presentation tie or stickpin

A Fabergé jeweled gold Imperial presentation tie or stickpin, Alfred Thielemann, St. Petersburg, 1908-1909, with original Fabergé scratched inventory number 2118. The finial formed as a diamond-set Imperial double-headed eagle within a shaped gold frame enameled translucent strawberry red over an engine-turned ground and surmounted by a diamond-set Imperial crown, the upper portion of the pin twisted to hold it in place in fabric, with a triangular gold guard, possibly later, struck with 56 standard (equivalent to 14K), contained in original red Morocco fitted Imperial presentation case, the cover stamped with a gilt double-headed eagle. Length: 2 3/4 in. (7 cm).

Records of the Russian Imperial court indicate that that the Office of the Cabinet, which oversaw the acquisition and safekeeping of Imperial presentation items, acquired this stickpin in 1909 at a price of 45 rubles.

Price: $16,500

Item#: 1609-300

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