Fabergé > Feodor Rückert shaded cloisonné enamel beaker with abstract ornament

A Russian gilded silver and shaded cloisonné enamel beaker, Feodor Rückert, retailed by Gashkel and Shik, Moscow, circa 1908-1917. Of baluster shape, the body colorfully enameled with floral, biomorphic and abstract forms against a pale yellow ground, the flared foot and top with bands of geometric designs. Maker’s mark overstruck with the Cyrillic mark of St. Petersburg retailers Gashkel and Shik (Г и Ш). Height 3 in. (7.6 cm).

Solomon Gashkel and Isai Shik sold silver and jewelry at their St. Petersburg shop located at No. 32 Sadovaya Street. For a nearly identical beaker by Rückert retailed by Gashkel and Shik in the collection of Moscow’s State Historical Museum, see Fedor Riukert & Karl Faberzhe = Fedor Rückert & Carl Fabergé. Text: T.N. Muntian. Moscow: Maxim Revyakin, 2016, p. 17.  

Price: $14,500

Item#: 1709-309

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