Other Treasures > Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna of Russia (1839-1891): a group of four autographed letters

Handwritten in French on stationery embossed with her Imperial cypher surmounted by the Imperial crown in gold, the letter undated, written to Court Physician Sergey Botkin requesting an appointment. The second written in French on stationery with her Imperial cypher in blue, the letter dated 12 May 1885, about plans for summer and impact on their health. The third is undated and handwritten in French on note paper printed with a border in the style of peasant embroidery.

Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna (1839-1891) was born Cecilie of Baden but took the name Olga upon her conversion to Russian Orthodoxy and marriage to Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich (1832-1909). She was the mother of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich and mother-in-law to Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna. Physician Sergey Botkin (1832-1889) was born into a wealthy Moscow merchant family. He finished his medical education shortly before the outbreak of the Crimean War, where his training under Nikolai Pirogov, a pioneer of field surgery, had a great influence on the younger man’s career. Botkin was ultimately responsible for introducing triage, pathological anatomy, and post-mortem analysis to regular Russian medical practice. He opened his own research laboratory in 1860 and his innovations won him a position as an Advising Member of the Imperial Ministry of Internal Affair’s Medical Board. He was a court Physician to both Emperor Alexander II and Alexander III and was named Head Surgeon to the Emperor in 1873. His father had a total of 25 children from his two marriages and many members of Botkin’s family were equally prominent. His brothers included the writer Vasily Botkin (1812-1869) and the painter and art collector Mikhail Botkin (1839-1914); his sister Maria married the writer Afanasii Fet (1820-1892). Botkin himself was married twice, first to Anastasia Krylova (1835-1875) and second to Princess Ekaterina Obolenskaya (1850-1929). His son Eugene Botkin (1865-1918) was Court Physician to Nicholas II and perished with the Imperial family in 1918.

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