Fabergé > Imperial Faberge Jeweled Gold and Enamel Box by Michael Perchin

An Imperial Fabergé jeweled gold and guilloché enamel box, workmaster Michael Perchin, St. Petersburg, 1895-1896. Of circular cushion form, the surface enameled translucent lime green over radiating engine-turning, the lid centered with a gold poltina coin from the reign of Empress Catherine II within a rose cut diamond-set border, the thumbpiece similarly set with rose cut diamonds, struck with workmaster’s initials, 72 standard, and scratched inventory number 54277, with Fabergé on the exterior of the flange on the lower section. Dia. 1 ½ in. (3.7 cm).

Purchased jointly by Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna for 180 rubles in 1896.  The Empress’ invoice from Fabergé reads, in German, “Bonbonnière light green enamel, 1 coin, 30 roses [diamonds]’ and records the purchase on 22 November; the Emperor’s in Russian ‘Bonbonniere green enamel with coin’, noting the date as 18 December.  

Price: $55,000

Item#: 1706-051

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