Porcelain > Imperial Porcelain Factory figure of a Gilyak man from the “Peoples of Russia” series

A Russian porcelain figure of Giliak (Nivkh) man from the Peoples of Russia series, Pavel Kamenskii, Imperial Porcelain Factory, designed 1907, produced 1911. The man shown standing, wearing furs appropriate to winter, with a knife and bag at his waist. The underside with green Imperial cypher mark of Nicholas II dated 1911 and a partially legible incised mark in the paste.

Height: 8 1/4 in. (20.8 cm)

In 1907 Russian sculptor Pavel Pavlovich Kamenskii (or Kamensky, 1858-1922) was commissioned to design a series of figures of the peoples of the Russian Empire based on materials in the ethnographic and anthropological collections of several Petersburg museums. The original series was to have included 146 figures but the outbreak of World War I put an end to Kamenskii’s work before the series could be completed. The sculptures were originally quite large, usually a little over a foot tall, but reduced versions of the designs were simultaneously produced at the Imperial Porcelain Factory. Production continued into the 1920s and 1930s by the factory, reorganized as the State Porcelain Factory. On the series, see Ekaterina Khmelnitskaia, “Farforovaia Rossiia” P.P. Kamenskogo (1907-1917), Moscow: Lyubimaya kniga, 2014.

Price: $14,500

Item#: 1701-500

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