Porcelain > Minton porcelain plate after the Cameo Service

A British porcelain plate after the Cameo Service commissioned by Catherine II (“the Great”), Minton’s, 1889. Decorated after the famous Service aux camées commissioned by Catherine the Great from Sèvres in 1776, centered with the floriated Imperial cypher of Catherine II framed by ribbon-tied branches of laurel and myrtle, with a turquoise ground, the border with scrolling floral ornament in ciselé gilt interspersed with classical motifs on iron red grounds within reserves. The reverse with impressed marks including date letter S for 1889, with stamped gilt crowned globe mark with England printed beneath. Diameter: 10 1/4 in. (26 cm).

Minton made a number of plates and bottle coolers after the Cameo Service and it has been speculated that they used as their model examples from the collection of W.J. Goode, who had been among those able to acquire a number of pieces stolen from the Winter Palace during the great fire of 1837. See E. Aslin and P. Atterbury, Minton, 1798-1910, London, 1976, pp. 85-86 and D.C., “Thomas Goode’s and the Czar,” The Antique Collector October 1987, p. 105.

Price: $7,500

Item#: 1607-006

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