Other Treasures > Photograph of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich with “Sailor Nanny” Andrei Derevenko

The Tsarevich shown with one of his two sailor guards (or nannies), Andrei Derevenko, in the gardens of the Imperial residence at Ropsha in the summer of 1911. The back of the photo with a handwritten inscription in Russian identifying the Heir to the Throne having been photographed at Ropsha in the summer of 1911. Dimensions: 4 h x 6 1/4 w in. (10.1 x 15.8 cm).

Andrei Derevenko, a Petty Officer on the Imperial yacht Shtandart, was named to the staff overseeing the heir’s safety in 1907 after he rushed to the child’s aid when the ship struck a rock during a cruise in the Gulf of Finland. He continued in the service until February 1917, when he resigned briefly to join other sailors who had mutinied after the fall of the Romanovs. It is less well known that Derevenko returned to the family’s service in early July of that year, but was not permitted to accompany them to Tobolsk. Some scattered correspondence with other former Imperial family servants remains, but his fate after 1918 is unknown.

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