Enamel > Russian cloisonné enamel tea caddy by Kuzmichev for Tiffany & Co.

A Russian silver gilt and cloisonné enamel tea caddy, Antip Kuzmichev, Moscow, 1899-1908, retailed by Tiffany & Co. The tea caddy tapering cylindrical with domed, slip-on lid, the exterior enameled in an unusual amalgam of Neo-Byzantine and Central Asian architectural ornament combining a highly original adaption of the interlace decoration favored by Russian jewelers and silversmiths, the stippled gilt ground further embellished with fine, scrolling gilt wires, the slip-on lid with multicolor fish scale ornament above a band of Neo-Byzantine crosses and beads, fitted with silver gilt-mounted cork stopper. Struck with maker’s mark and 88 standard, stamped Made for Tiffany & Co., the underside finely engraved with scrolling monogram. Height 5 1/4 in. (13.3 cm).

Price: $18,500

Item#: 1611-018

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