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A Russian Imperial porcelain plate from the Coronation Service of Alexander III



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A Russian porcelain platefrom the Alexander III Coronation Service, Imperial Porcelain Factory, St. Petersburg,period of Nicholas II (1894-1917), dated 1912. The border of the plate with the Imperial State Seal, a thrice crowned double-headed Imperial eagle, the shield of St. George encircled by the Chain of St. Andrew on its chest, the wings emblazoned with the arms of the major kingdoms & principates making up the empire, including (clockwise) Astrakhan, Siberia, Georgia, Finland, Kiev-Vladimir-Novgorod, Taurica, Poland, & Kazan, with scepter & orb clutched in its talons. The underside of the plate with the green underglaze cypher mark of NicholasII dated 1912 & 3impressed in the paste. Diameter: 8 3/4″(22.2 cm).

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