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A Russian plique-à-jour & cloisonné enamel kovsh with riverside scene



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A Russian gilded silver, plique-à-jour, & cloisonné enamel kovsh, Moscow, 1899-1908; apparently no maker’s mark, but undoubtedly by Ovchinnikov. Of traditional form with raised prow & flaring base, the body decorated with a river- or lakeside scene in plique-à-jour depicting swans swimming on through reeds on a sunny day, the underside cleverly decorated with a bright red crayfish resting on the bottom, the the rim & scrolling hook-shape handle decorated with geometric multi-color cloisonné enamel motifs accented small gold paillons typical of Ovchinnikov’s work as well as rows of turquoise enamel beads. Length: 5 5/8 in. (14.2 cm).
Crayfish, known asraki(pl.) in Russian, are a popular snack enjoyed with beer in both Russia & Ukraine. The tradition of consuming the crustacean is centuries old & has even inspired a well-known folk aphorism: “When there are no fish, the crayfish is a fish (На безрыбье, и рак рыба).”

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