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A Russian Porcelain Easter Egg

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A Russian porcelain Easter egg, almost certainly by the Imperial Porcelain Factory, circa 1910-1916. The egg finely painted with a band of red flowers, foliage, & violet ribbons between thin black bands. Height: 3 3/8 in. (8.6 cm).

The ornament resembles the decoration on several pieces finished in the last years of the Imperial Porcelain’s activity & into the period of the Provisional & early Soviet governments. See for example, Tamara Kudriavtseva & Harold Whitbeck, Russian Imperial Porcelain Easter Eggs. Russkie imperatorskie farforovye paskhal’nye iaitsa (London: Merrell, 2001), no. 216, p. 262 & T. N. Nosovich & I. P. Popova, Gosudarstvennyi farforovyi zavod, 1904-1944, St Petersburg, 2005, p. 205.

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