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An extremely rare antique pair of silver Fabergé grape shears



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An extremely rare antique pair of silver Fabergé grape shears, Moscow, 1908-1917. The shears with a cast & chased Neoclassic ornament scheme of acanthus leaf tips & ribbon-tied reeds, one of the blades with attached flange to allow the bunch of grapes to be placed on a plate after cutting. Struck with K. Fabergé in Cyrillic with Imperial warrant & 84 silver standard. Weight: 86 grams. Length 5 5/8 in. (14.2 cm).

Grape shears by Fabergé are extraordinarily rare, although the form was often included in American, British, & French silver table services. Grape shears were one of many kinds of silver utensils developed in the nineteenth century to satisfy ever more formal & fastidious dining practices. The flange on the blade of this implement allowed bunches of grapes to be served without diners having to touch the fruit. (It was permissible within polite society to eat grapes on one’s own plate with your hands). Grape shears are still used today in formal dining.

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