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Berlin K.P.M armorial cabinet plate with miniature of Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich



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A German porcelain plate with miniature of Grand Duke Nicholas Pavlovich, Berlin Factory (K.P.M.), circa 1849-1870. The scalloped plate with gilded rim, the cavetto having a pictorial scene of Nicholas I on horseback & signed “Preuss” at lower right. The blue border centering a shield with the Russian Imperial double-headed eagle “of the old form” (i.e., in a style fashionable in the late 1820s & early 1830s), the reverse withsceptre mark above eagle within roundel in underglaze-green. Diameter: 10 1/8 in. (25.7 cm).
The wedding in 1817 of the Russian Grand Duke Nicholas (1796-1855), the future Tsar Nicholas I, with Princess Charlotte (1790-1860), the daughter of King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, led to some of the most important porcelain commissions of the first half of the 19th century. The great value attached to the Imperial & royal manufactories at both courts, & consequently its importance as both diplomatic & family gifts, meant that numerous lavishly painted items traveled between the Prussian capital & Petersburg. King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia presented his daughter Charlotte (later Alexandra Feodorovna) with a large gift of porcelains on the occasion of her marriage to Grand Duke Nicholas, then valued at more than17,000 Thalers. It included a large table dessert services only completed in 1823. (See Hans-Jürgen Dracklé, “Ein Porzellantransport von Berlin nach St. Petersburg im Jahre 1823,”Keramos179/180, 2003, pp. 65-80). When the Russian factory completed a large group of military cabinet plates for Emperor Nicholas I, he presented more than 200 to his father-in-law Friedrich Wilhelm III. This seems to have touched off something of a competition, for the Berlin factory began its series of armorial military cabinet plates, including at least two depicting Nicholas I. For another plate with Nicholas I from this series, see Sotheby’s London (“Of Royal & Noble Descent”), 24 February 2015, lot 74.

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