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A pair of Catherine the Great Queen’s Ware Husk Service Plates Addition from the Otto Factory



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A pair of Russian faience dinner plates from additions to the Husk Service, Otto Factory, circa 1830-1860. Shaped circular, the plate glazed in the cream color typical of Queen’s Ware, the border decorated with husks and garlands in magenta, centered with a magenta blossom, the underside enameled in a rose/pink with a decorative border of husks and garlands surrounding a flower center, the underside with the impressed factory mark of the letters L:O. Diameter 9 3/4 in. (24.8 cm). Condition: One plate cracked.

Empress Catherine II originally ordered the Husk Service from Wedgwood; the commission called for a dinner and dessert service for 24 persons. The pieces were finished at the Etruria manufactory in Burselm between 1769 and 1770 before being painted in London and dispatched to the Russian capital. The service, glazed in the fine cream color known as Queen’s Ware (in honor of Queen Charlotte) was kept in the Winter Palace. An 1819 inventory included 1500 pieces. On the additions to this service (mostly by Poskochin), see Olga Novikova, “Faians zavoda Poskochina,” Antikvariat, predmety iskusstva i kollektsionirovaniia 2008, no. 6 (June), pp. 14-23.

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