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Grand Duchess Xenia: A watercolor study of a seated puppy



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Grand Duchess Xenia (or Ksenia) Alexandrovna, a study of a seated puppy, probably a pug, in watercolor & pencil, signed on the reverse in RussianAmama 1931 (Амама 1931 года). 5 1/8 x 3 13/16 in. (13 x 9.7 cm).

Princess Xenia Andreevna Romanoff (1919-2000)
A member of the Imperial family
Private Collection

The signature on the reverse indicates that Grand Duchess Xenia intended this amusing drawing for one of her grandchildren. While living in England in exile, she was granted use of the Frogmore House, a British royal residence. Her son Prince Andrei (1897-1981) & his wife Elisabeta Ruffo-Sasso (1886-1940) lived there with their three children: Princess Xenia Andreevna (1919-2000), Prince Michael Andreevich (1920-2008), & Prince Andrew Andreevich (b. 1923). The grand duchess was particularly close to her granddaughter & namesake Princess Xenia, who was educated at home at Frogmore House. This amusing image, reminiscent of Fabergé’s hardstone studies of animals, was certainly meant to delight one of her grandchildren, most probably Princess Xenia. Grand Duchess Xenia frequently painted Easter gifts & postcards for her family members & those meant for her grandchildren were signed from Amama, the Danish word for grandmother used as a term of endearment among members of the Imperial family.

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