SOLD > A Russian porcelain Easter, Imperial Porcelain Factory

A Russian porcelain Easter, Imperial Porcelain Factory, circa 1870-1880. The turquoise ground egg in Neo-Classical taste, scrolling acanthus swags and oval frame en grisaille with mastic ornament, the frame enclosing a bouquet, the reverse with a gilt cross and similar scrolling acanthus ornament en grisaille, the upper aperture with a gilt Maltese cross, the lower with a gilt rosette. Height 4 in. (10 cm).

A similar turquoise ground egg with gilt Neoclassical ornament is published in Robert Allgäuer, Tamara Kudriavtseva and Monika Kopplin, Kostbare Ostereier aus dem Zarenreich: aus der Sammlung Adulf Peter Goop, Vaduz, München, 1998, p. 237.

Price: $SOLD.

Item#: 1811-053

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