SOLD > A Russian Porcelain Easter Egg

A Russian porcelain Easter egg, almost certainly by the Imperial Porcelain Factory, circa 1910-1916. The egg finely painted with a band of red flowers, foliage, and violet ribbons between thin black bands. Height: 3 3/8 in. (8.6 cm).

The ornament resembles the decoration on several pieces finished in the last years of the Imperial Porcelain’s activity and into the period of the Provisional and early Soviet governments. See for example, Tamara Kudriavtseva and Harold Whitbeck, Russian Imperial Porcelain Easter Eggs. Russkie imperatorskie farforovye paskhal’nye iaitsa (London: Merrell, 2001), no. 216, p. 262 and T. N. Nosovich and I. P. Popova, Gosudarstvennyi farforovyi zavod, 1904-1944, St Petersburg, 2005, p. 205.

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Item#: 1312-041

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