Other Treasures > Original Photograph by Court Photographer Hahn of a Regimental Gathering

An original Russian photograph by Court Photographer C.E. Hahn (K. von Gan i Ko.; «К.Е. фон Ган и Кo») depicting a group of senior Imperial Army officers in uniform before a church and greeting a member of the Imperial family, possibly Nicholas II, who wears the Sash of the Order of St Andrew. The lower right corner embossed with the firm’s name in Cyrillic. Contained in later mat and framed under glass. Dimensions of viewable area: 5 1/2 x 8 3/4 in. (21.5 x 13.9 cm). Dimensions of frame: 14 3/4 x 11 3/4 in. (37.6 x 29.8 cm)

The firm of Hahn, founded in 1891 and located in Tsarskoe Selo, held the title of Supplier to the Imperial Court and were one of the few firms with right to photograph members of the Imperial family, particularly Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

Price: $650

Item#: 503-013

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