SOLD > Russian porcelain Easter egg with Stil modern ornament

A Russian porcelain Easter egg, probably Imperial Porcelain Factory, circa 1910. The clear glazed egg with stylized triple flowerheads in shades of navy blue, purple, and orange within green vines interspersed with “bulls’ eyes” in similar shades. Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm).

This design strongly resembles works by Rudolf Vilde (Rudolf Feodorovich von Vil’deman, 1868-1938/1942), composed for the decoration of glass and porcelain at the Imperial factories in the last years before World War I. His pre-war designs in the taste of the Stil modern, a Russian distillation of Art nouveau and Jugendstil, were usually rendered in bright colors against a porcelain ground with only a clear glaze. For other examples of Vilde’s designs in this style, see  Tamara Kudriavtseva, Russian Imperial Porcelain, St. Petersburg, 2003, pp. 213, 222 and T.N. Nosovich and I.P. Popova, Gosudarstvennyi farforovyi zavod, 1904-1944, St. Petersburg, 2005, pp. 29, 97.

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Item#: 1708-508

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