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An exceptional gilded silver & shaded cloisonné enamel Easter egg by Feodor Rückert

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An exceptional Russian gilded silver & shaded cloisonné enamel Easter egg, made by Feodor Rückert, Moscow, 1899-1908. Both haves are very uniquely decorated with shaded cloisonné & translucent enamel palm trees & stylized foliage outlined in gilded silver wires. Height 2 3/4 in. (7 cm).
Provenance: Acquired in Moscow in the 1930s by Dr. Adolph S. Rumreich & descended in the family.
Palms are one of the most important symbols of Holy Week & Easter in the Christian churches. The Gospel of John describes people waving palm branches to greet Christ during his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It later came to represent the victory of Christian martyrs over death & martyred saints are shown holding palms in many Russian icons.
Dr. Adolph S. Rumreich worked for the US Public Health Service investigating the methods of transmissions of Rickettsial Diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever & Murine Typhus. He published numerous papers on the subject.

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